NetBox v3.3.2 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.2 is now available on GitHub!


  • #9477 - Enable clearing applied table column ordering
  • #10034 - Add L2VPN column to interface and VLAN tables
  • #10043 - Add support for limit query parameter to available VLANs API endpoint
  • #10060 - Add journal entries to global search
  • #10195 - Enable filtering of device components by rack
  • #10233 - Enable sorting rack elevations by facility ID

Bug Fixes

  • #9328 - Hide available IPs when non-default ordering is applied
  • #9481 - Update child device location when parent location changes
  • #9832 - Improve error message when validating rack reservation units
  • #9895 - Various corrections to OpenAPI spec
  • #9962 - SSO login should respect next URL query parameter
  • #9963 - Fix support for custom CSRF_COOKIE_NAME value
  • #10155 - Fix rear port display when editing front port template for module type
  • #10156 - Avoid forcing SVG image links to open in a new window
  • #10161 - Restore “set null” option for custom fields during bulk edit
  • #10176 - Correct utilization display for empty racks
  • #10177 - Correct display of custom fields when editing VM interfaces
  • #10178 - Display manufacturer name alongside device type under device view
  • #10181 - Restore MultiPartParser (regression from #10031)
  • #10184 - Fix vertical alignment when displaying object attributes with buttons
  • #10208 - Fix permissions evaluation for interface actions dropdown menu
  • #10217 - Handle exception when trace splits to multiple rear ports
  • #10220 - Validate IP version when assigning primary IPs to a virtual machine
  • #10231 - Correct API schema definition for several serializer fields

Arthur Hanson and Jonathan Senecal Join the Maintainers Team

1 minute read

I’m happy to announce the addition of two new NetBox maintainers: Arthur Hanson and Jonathan Senecal!

Arthur recently joined NS1 as a senior software engineer to focus on the development of NetBox and related projects. A bit more about Arthur:

Arthur has worked as a software developer and manager for many years at both startups and Fortune 500 companies. His background includes developing network drivers, protocols, and operating systems. He lives in a small town outside Seattle, Washington with his wife and son. Besides programming, he loves travel, Thai food, and discussing Marvel movies with his son.

By contrast, Jonathan joins as a NetBox power user who has graciously volunteered to help improve and maintain the open source project. From his website:

My personal mission is to make things, fix stuff and help others. I just happened to love working with high tech stuff so it became my area of expertise.

I have over 10 years of experience in telecommunications, server infrastructures and carrier-grade network design & build. Bleeding edge software technologies have become parts of my toolset to create powerful and unique infrastructures. I eat DevOps for breakfast.

Both Arthur and Jonathan have already made substantial contributions to NetBox, and we’re elated to have both of them on our team. If you see them around on the community Slack, be sure to say hi!

NetBox v3.3.1 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.1 is now available on GitHub!


  • #6454 - Include contextual help when creating first objects in UI
  • #9935 - Add 802.11ay and “other” wireless interface types
  • #10031 - Enforce application/json content type for REST API requests
  • #10033 - Disable “add termination” button for point-to-point L2VPNs with two terminations
  • #10037 - Add “child interface” option to actions dropdown in interfaces list
  • #10038 - Add “L2VPN termination” option to actions dropdown in interfaces list
  • #10039 - Add “assign FHRP group” option to actions dropdown in interfaces list
  • #10061 - Replicate type when cloning L2VPN instances
  • #10066 - Use fixed column widths for custom field values in UI
  • #10133 - Enable nullifying device location during bulk edit

Bug Fixes

  • #9663 - Omit available IP annotations when filtering prefix child IPs list
  • #10040 - Fix exception when ordering prefixes by flat representation
  • #10053 - Custom fields header should not be displayed when editing circuit terminations with no custom fields
  • #10055 - Fix extraneous NAT indicator by device primary IP
  • #10057 - Fix AttributeError exception when global search results include rack reservations
  • #10059 - Add identifier column to L2VPN table
  • #10070 - Add unique constraint for L2VPN slug
  • #10087 - Correct display of far end in console/power/interface connections tables
  • #10089 - linkify template filter should escape object representation
  • #10094 - Fix 404 when using “create and add another” to add contact assignments
  • #10108 - Linkify inside NAT IPs for primary device IPs in UI
  • #10109 - Fix available prefixes calculation for container prefixes in the global table
  • #10111 - Fix ValueError exception when searching for L2VPN objects
  • #10118 - Fix display of connected LLDP neighbors for devices
  • #10134 - Custom fields data serializer should return a 400 response for invalid data
  • #10135 - Fix SSO support for SAML2 IDPs
  • #10147 - Permit the creation of 0U device types via REST API

Itential Webinar: Integrating NetBox as a Source of Truth for Network Automation

less than 1 minute read

Itential has announced an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, August 30th at 12pm EDT (4pm UTC). Along with our own Jordan Villarreal, Technical Advocate for NetBox at NS1, they’ll showcase integration with the NetBox API and the creation of automated workflows to facilitate the trasnfer of data between NetBox and other systems.

By coupling Data Transformations along with API integration, Itential can help network teams build a bridge that translates data between multiple IT systems, like NetBox and ServiceNow, inside a network automation. These features will enable the network team to spend less time manually accessing data from different applications and reduce the potential of inputting bad data due to human error.

Specfically, they’ll be building a data transformation to synchronize data between NetBox and ServiceNow, a hugely popular topic in the community.

In this demo, you will learn to:

  • Understand the NetBox API structure.
  • Build an Itential automation workflow to utilize NetBox API calls.
  • Automate IP address reservation, queries, and updates.
  • Build a Data Transformation between NetBox and ServiceNow.

Sign up here for the invitation (registration is free). You can also check out their other presentations on BrightTALK to learn more about Itential.