September Community Call

less than 1 minute read

The recording of our September community call is now available on YouTube! This month, we welcome Jonathan Senecal to the maintainers team, celebrate the release of terraform-provider-netbox version 3.0, and highlight some interesting recent discussion. Perhaps most exicting is that Daren Fulwell joins us to demonstrate how users can leverage IP Fabric network assurance platform to programmatically and safely populate NetBox data.

Anyone interested in experimenting with IP Fabric can obtain a free demo license here (good for up to 50 devices and six months). I’m very excited to see how this integration matures in the near future!

NetBox v3.3.3 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.3 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8580 - Add occupied filter for cabled objects to filter by cable or mark_connected
  • #9577 - Add has_front_image and has_rear_image filters for device types
  • #10268 - Omit trailing “.0” in device positions within UI
  • #10359 - Add region and site group columns to the devices table

Bug Fixes

  • #9231 - Fix empty lookup expression for string filters
  • #10247 - Allow changing the pre-populated device/VM when creating new components
  • #10250 - Fix exception when CableTermination validation fails during bulk import of cables
  • #10258 - Enable the use of reports & scripts packaged in submodules
  • #10259 - Fix NoReverseMatch exception when listing available prefixes with “flat” column displayed
  • #10270 - Fix custom field validation when creating new services
  • #10278 - Fix “create & add another” for image attachments
  • #10294 - Fix spurious changelog diff for interface WWN field
  • #10304 - Enable cloning for custom fields & custom links
  • #10305 - Fix Virtual Chassis master field cannot be null according to the API
  • #10307 - Correct value for “Passive 48V (4-pair)” PoE type selection
  • #10333 - Show available values for ui_visibility field of CustomField for CSV import
  • #10337 - Display SSO links when local authentication fails
  • #10353 - Table action buttons should reserve return URL parameters
  • #10362 - Correct display of custom fields when editing an L2VPN termination