NetBox v3.2 Beta2 Now Available

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The second beta release of NetBox v3.2 is now available! This release fixes several bugs found in the first beta, and continues extending and refining the plugins framework. You can install it locally, or try out our public demo at! (If you happen to run into any problems while testing the beta release, please be sure to open a GitHub issue to let us know.)

We’re making excellent progress toward the final v3.2.0 release, which is planned for the week of April 4th. Stay tuned!

NetBox v3.1.9 Released

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NetBox v3.1.9 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8594 - Enable filtering by exact description match for all applicable models
  • #8629 - Add description to tag table search function
  • #8664 - Show assigned ASNs/sites under list views
  • #8736 - Add PC and UPC fiber end faces for LC/SC/LSH port types
  • #8758 - Allow empty string substitution when renaming objects in bulk
  • #8762 - Link to rack elevations list from site view
  • #8766 - Add SCTP to service protocols list

Bug Fixes

  • #8546 - Fix bulk import to restrict bridge, parent, and LAG to device interfaces
  • #8633 - Prevent navigation sidebar pin from disappearing at certain breakpoints
  • #8674 - Fix rendering of tabbed content in documentation
  • #8710 - Fix dynamic scope selection form fields when creating a VLAN group
  • #8713 - Restore missing “add” button on services list view
  • #8715 - Avoid returning multiple objects when restricting querysets using multiple tags in permissions
  • #8717 - Fix redirection after bulk edit/delete of prefixes from aggregate view
  • #8724 - Fix exception during device import with invalid device type
  • #8807 - Correct REST API URL for FHRP group assignments
  • #8808 - Fix members count under FHRP group list

NetBox Live Coding Session #8

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I’ll be hosting another NetBox live coding session today at 6pm UTC / 1pm EST. These sessions run about an hour long, during which I try to knock out various feature requests and bug reports from GitHub, sharing my screen and narrating as I go. I also take relevant questions from the chat. This is a great way to get a “behind the scenes” look at NetBox development, and open source development in general.

These sessions are streamed live via YouTube; no registration is required. Please join us! You can watch today’s stream at, and previous recordings are available on my YouTube channel.

2022 NetBox Community Survey

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Our 2022 NetBox community survey is now open! This annual questionnaire solicits feedback and demographic data from NetBox users around the world, which the maintainers use to shape the project’s long-term development.

The survey will be open throughout March, and the results will be published in early April. Please take a few minutes to share your experience with NetBox!