NetBox v3.1.10 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.10 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8232 - Use a different color for 100% utilization bars
  • #8457 - Enable adding non-racked devices from site & location views
  • #8553 - Add missing object types to global search form
  • #8575 - Add rack columns to cables list
  • #8645 - Enable filtering objects by assigned contacts & contact roles
  • #8926 - Add device type, role columns to device bay table

Bug Fixes

  • #8696 - Fix help link under FHRP group assignment creation view
  • #8813 - Retain global search bar query after submitting
  • #8820 - Fix navbar background color in dark mode
  • #8850 - Show airflow field on device REST API serializer when config context data is included
  • #8905 - Disable ordering by assigned tags to prevent erroneous results
  • #8919 - Fix filtering of VLAN groups by site under prefix edit form
  • #8924 - Improve load time of custom script list
  • #8932 - Fix error when setting null value for interface rf_role via REST API
  • #8935 - Correct ordering of next/previous racks to use naturalized names
  • #8947 - Retain filter parameters when handling an export template exception
  • #8951 - Allow changing device type & platform to different manufacturer simultaneously
  • #8952 - Device images in rear rack elevations should be hyperlinked

March Community Call

less than 1 minute read

The recording of our March community call is now available on YouTube! This month’s call features Dinesh Dutt, co-founder of SuzieQ. SuzieQ is a powerful open source tool which enables network engineers to inspect and query the live network, compare it to a designated source of truth, and alert on changes. Dinesh discusses how you can integrate SuzieQ directly with your existing NetBox deployment to get up and running in no time!

NetBox Plugin Development Tutorial

less than 1 minute read

There is now a complete plugin development tutorial for NetBox v3.2! This detailed guide walks through the entire process of creating a custom plugin for managing simple access lists in NetBox.

The guide is arranged into ten consecutive sections, each of which focuses on a major component of NetBox’s plugins framework. It also includes a companion repo which contains a snapshot of the completed code at each step. This allows readers to easily pick up from any step and focus on a particular subject.

Although NetBox v3.2.0 is still a couple weeks away (scheduled for release the week of Aptril 4th), we don’t anticipate any more major changes to the new plugins framework. You can get started with plugin development right now using the most recent beta release!. The guide will be updated over time as future NetBox releases continue to expand the plugins framework.

10K GitHub Stars!

1 minute read

Wow. Over the weekend, NetBox officially surpassed 10 thousand stars on GitHub! This was not something I ever anticipated when DigitalOcean agreed to release NetBox as open source back in 2016, but it demonstrates just how much impact a project can have when it finds the right community and solves the right problems.

Admittedly, GitHub stars aren’t a terribly meaningful metric: Someone can star a repo but not necessarily use it, and vice versa. But as an open source project without any more tangible means to track effective deployments or customers, it’s one of the few objective metrics we have by which to evaluate the project’s growth. And it does provide a reasonable bellwether indicating how NetBox stacks up against similar projects.

So where does that put NetBox? Amazingly, we’re currently ranked #241 of all Python projects on GitHub, and we’re in the #1 spot for both the ipam and dcim topics by a wide margin. Not bad for a project that was released less than six years ago.

I recently started using Orbit (an excellent tool!) to track community engagement through both GitHub and Slack. Orbit has been a boon in helping to highlight newly engaged users and draw attention to some of our most active contributors. It also provides rich statistics that complement what little data we can get from GitHub.

Orbit: GitHub star growth since release

As you can see, NetBox’s growth has remained fairly constant since a few months after its initial release, even trending upward a bit since being sponsored by NS1 last year.

So what’s next for NetBox? Well, v3.2 is right around the corner, bringing a greatly enhanced plugins framework, device modules, additional customization options, and lots more - and that’s just the first of three major releases planned this year! At the same time, we’re continuing to grow NetBox Cloud at NS1 both in size and feature set. I expect 2022 to be our busiest year yet with NetBox, by far.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who uses NetBox today. Your contributions, feedback, and support have made the project what it is today, and continue to power its success.

Now, on to 20,000 stars!