Cisco Live: Next-Level Automation Using Sources of Truth

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This year’s Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas boasts a DevNet session titled “Next-Level Automation Using Sources of Truth,” which features NetBox! From the session catalog:

You’ve taken the leap and started automating your network – but it’s time to move past writing single-use scripts that have hardcoded values in them. Are you still storing your credentials in a file or passing them via environment variables? Is the inventory of devices stored in a YAML file? If so, it’s time to embrace Sources of Truth! In this session, participants will use REST APIs to securely store and access secrets using HashiCorp Vault and then manage network device inventory using NetBox. Once the sources of truth are configured, we will use this data to configure a network topology. Move away from text files and take your automation skills to the next level!

The 45-minute session (dubbed DEVWKS-2295) will be presented by Palmer Sample and Juulia Santala, and has an “intermediate” technical level rating. Sounds like fun!

NetBox v3.2.1 Released

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NetBox v3.2.1 is now available on GitHub!


  • #5479 - Allow custom job timeouts for scripts & reports
  • #8543 - Improve filtering for wireless LAN VLAN selection
  • #8920 - Limit number of non-racked devices displayed
  • #8956 - Retain old script/report results for configured lifetime
  • #8973 - Display VLAN group count under site view
  • #9081 - Add fhrpgroup_id filter for IP addresses
  • #9099 - Enable display of installed module serial & asset tag in module bays list
  • #9110 - Add Neutrik proprietary power connectors
  • #9123 - Improve appearance of SSO login providers

Bug Fixes

  • #8931 - Copy assigned tenant when cloning a location
  • #9055 - Restore ability to move inventory item to other device
  • #9057 - Fix missing instance counts for module types
  • #9061 - Fix general search for device components
  • #9065 - Min/max VID should not be required when filtering VLAN groups
  • #9079 - Fail validation when an inventory item is assigned as its own parent
  • #9096 - Remove duplicate filter tag when filtering by “none”
  • #9100 - Include position field in module type YAML export
  • #9116 - assigned_to_interface filter for IP addresses should not match FHRP group assignments
  • #9118 - Fix validation error when importing VM child interfaces
  • #9128 - Resolve component labels per module bay position when installing modules

NetBox v3.2.0 Released

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NetBox v3.2.0 is now available on GitHub! This is a huge release representing several months of intense development effort. Major new features include:

  • Plugins Framework Extensions (#8333)
  • Modules & Module Types (#7844)
  • Custom Object Fields (#7006)
  • Custom Status Choices (#8054)
  • Improved User Preferences (#7759)
  • Inventory Item Roles (#3087)
  • Inventory Item Templates (#8118)
  • Service Templates (#1591)
  • Automatic Provisioning of Next Available VLANs (#2658)

There’s a ton more still to cover, so be sure to read through the full v3.2 release notes before upgrading. And if you haven’t already, check out our migration scripts to help replicate data out of the legacy ASN and contact fields on the site model.

And if you’re interested in leveraging the newly improved plugins framework, be sure to follow the plugins development tutorial for a step-by-step introduction to the development process. You’ll be up and running with your own custom plugins in no time!

2022 NetBox Community Survey Results

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We had an amazing turnout for this year’s NetBox community survey, with 487 total responses. Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to participate! The data generated will help inform our roadmap for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

A detailed analysis of the results has been posted over on GitHub, so check it out if you’d like to learn more about the organizations that use NetBox and what they want to see.

Migration Scripts for NetBox v3.2

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With NetBox v3.2 due to be released next week, it’s worth taking a moment to evaluate your upgrade readiness. While there aren’t many major breaking changes in this release, there are two items you’ll definitely want to double-check:

  • The contact fields (name, phone, and email) are being removed from the site model
  • The ASN field is being removed from the site model

You may recall that Netbox v3.1 introduced a dedicated “Contact” model, which enables much more efficient and complex contact assignment, and obviates the need for storing contact information directly on individual sites. Likewise, v3.1 also introduced a designated model for autonomous system number (ASN) tracking, rendering the site model’s asn field obsolete.

To help expedite the upgrade process for organizations which still rely on data in any of these fields, we’ve published a set of migration scripts. These can be installed and run in your local NetBox instance to automatically replicate data from the legacy fields into the new models.

Contact migration script in the NetBox UI

As with any such process, it is highly recommended to perform a database backup immediately prior to running these, and to perform a “dry run” (without commiting changes to the database) first as a sanity check. While the behavior of the scripts is likely suitable for most cases, users are also encouraged to modify these if necessary to better fit their exact preferences. For example, you might want to limit the sites being migrated by tag or role. (Be sure to check out NetBox’s custom script documentation too!)

With the relevant data safely migrated to the new models, you’ll be ready for NetBox v3.2!