February Community Call

less than 1 minute read

Our next community call will be held on February 24th at 5pm UTC! We’ll be spending half an hour covering the v3.2 beta release, recent improvements to the plugins framework (#8333), and a variety of other topics. Please join us!

Don’t forget to bookmark the upcoming live stream to make sure you don’t miss it!

Okta Authentication with NetBox

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.1 introduced support for single-sign on (SSO) authentication when it was released back in December, using the popular python-social-auth library. This has been in high demand for quite some time as it enables NetBox administrators to offload authentication to an external service.

Jason Lavoie has just written an excellent tutorial on enabling Okta authentication for NetBox. He walks through the entire process from start to finish, covering configuration of both Okta and NetBox, even going so far as to include a Terraform configuration for Okta! It’s well worth a read if you’re looking to enable Okta authentication for NetBox.

NetBox v3.1.7 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.7 is now available on GitHub!


  • #7504 - Include IP range data under IPAM role views
  • #8275 - Introduce alternative ASDOT-formatted column for ASNs
  • #8367 - Add ASNs to global search function
  • #8368 - Enable controlling the order of custom script form fields with field_order
  • #8381 - Add contacts to global search function
  • #8462 - Linkify manufacturer column in device type table
  • #8476 - Bring the ASN Web UI up to the standard set by other objects
  • #8494 - Include locations count under tenant view
  • #8517 - Render boolean custom fields as icons in object tables
  • #8530 - Indicate CSV or YAML as format for “all data” export

Bug Fixes

  • #8315 - Fix display of NAT link for primary IPv4 address under device view
  • #8377 - Fix calculation of absolute cable lengths when specified in fractional units
  • #8425 - Fix exception when viewing change list/records with removed plugins
  • #8456 - Fix redundant display of VRF RD in prefix view
  • #8465 - Accept empty string values for Interface rf_channel in REST API
  • #8498 - Fix display of selected content type filters in object list views
  • #8499 - Content types REST API endpoint should not require model permission
  • #8512 - Correct file permissions to allow execution of housekeeping script
  • #8527 - Fix display of changelog retention period