NetBox v3.2 Beta1 Now Available

less than 1 minute read

The first beta release of NetBox v3.2 is now available! This release debuts a ton of exciting new features, including:

  • Device modules & module types
  • Object and multi-object custom fields
  • Customizable status choices
  • Improved user preferences
  • Inventory item roles & templates
  • Service templates
  • Automatic provisioning of available VLANs

This release also greatly extends NetBox’s plugins framework, introducing formal support for myriad model, view, form, table, and other components. These will greatly simplify the process of plugin development and minimize the duplication of boilerplate code in plugins. You can find a complete accounting of the new plugins framework in the beta documentation.

As with previous beta releases, we’ve spun up a public demo instance at for the community to help evaluate the new features and submit any bug reports or suggestions. Of course, you’re also encouraged to download and deploy the beta release locally, especially if you’d like to experiment with the new plugins framework.

The final release of v3.2.0 is scheduled for early April, so now is the time to try it out and let us know what you think!

NetBox v3.1.8 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.8 is now available on GitHub!


  • #7150 - Linkify devices on the far side of a rack elevation
  • #8398 - Embiggen configuration form fields for banner message content
  • #8556 - Add full username column to changelog table
  • #8620 - Enable tab completion for nbshell

Bug Fixes

  • #8331 - Implement replaceAll string utility function to improve browser compatibility
  • #8391 - Null date columns should return empty strings during CSV export
  • #8548 - Fix display of VC members when position is zero
  • #8561 - Include option to connect a rear port to a console port
  • #8564 - Fix errant table configuration key available_columns
  • #8577 - Show contact assignment counts in global search results
  • #8578 - Object change log tables should honor user’s configured preferences
  • #8604 - Fix tag filter on config context list filter form
  • #8609 - Display validation error when attempting to assign VLANs to interface with no mode during bulk edit
  • #8611 - Fix bulk editing for certain custom link, webhook, and journal entry fields