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NetBox v3.3.3 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.3 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8580 - Add occupied filter for cabled objects to filter by cable or mark_connected
  • #9577 - Add has_front_image and has_rear_image filters for device types
  • #10268 - Omit trailing “.0” in device positions within UI
  • #10359 - Add region and site group columns to the devices table

Bug Fixes

  • #9231 - Fix empty lookup expression for string filters
  • #10247 - Allow changing the pre-populated device/VM when creating new components
  • #10250 - Fix exception when CableTermination validation fails during bulk import of cables
  • #10258 - Enable the use of reports & scripts packaged in submodules
  • #10259 - Fix NoReverseMatch exception when listing available prefixes with “flat” column displayed
  • #10270 - Fix custom field validation when creating new services
  • #10278 - Fix “create & add another” for image attachments
  • #10294 - Fix spurious changelog diff for interface WWN field
  • #10304 - Enable cloning for custom fields & custom links
  • #10305 - Fix Virtual Chassis master field cannot be null according to the API
  • #10307 - Correct value for “Passive 48V (4-pair)” PoE type selection
  • #10333 - Show available values for ui_visibility field of CustomField for CSV import
  • #10337 - Display SSO links when local authentication fails
  • #10353 - Table action buttons should reserve return URL parameters
  • #10362 - Correct display of custom fields when editing an L2VPN termination

NetBox v3.3.2 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.2 is now available on GitHub!


  • #9477 - Enable clearing applied table column ordering
  • #10034 - Add L2VPN column to interface and VLAN tables
  • #10043 - Add support for limit query parameter to available VLANs API endpoint
  • #10060 - Add journal entries to global search
  • #10195 - Enable filtering of device components by rack
  • #10233 - Enable sorting rack elevations by facility ID

Bug Fixes

  • #9328 - Hide available IPs when non-default ordering is applied
  • #9481 - Update child device location when parent location changes
  • #9832 - Improve error message when validating rack reservation units
  • #9895 - Various corrections to OpenAPI spec
  • #9962 - SSO login should respect next URL query parameter
  • #9963 - Fix support for custom CSRF_COOKIE_NAME value
  • #10155 - Fix rear port display when editing front port template for module type
  • #10156 - Avoid forcing SVG image links to open in a new window
  • #10161 - Restore “set null” option for custom fields during bulk edit
  • #10176 - Correct utilization display for empty racks
  • #10177 - Correct display of custom fields when editing VM interfaces
  • #10178 - Display manufacturer name alongside device type under device view
  • #10181 - Restore MultiPartParser (regression from #10031)
  • #10184 - Fix vertical alignment when displaying object attributes with buttons
  • #10208 - Fix permissions evaluation for interface actions dropdown menu
  • #10217 - Handle exception when trace splits to multiple rear ports
  • #10220 - Validate IP version when assigning primary IPs to a virtual machine
  • #10231 - Correct API schema definition for several serializer fields

Arthur Hanson and Jonathan Senecal Join the Maintainers Team

1 minute read

I’m happy to announce the addition of two new NetBox maintainers: Arthur Hanson and Jonathan Senecal!

Arthur recently joined NS1 as a senior software engineer to focus on the development of NetBox and related projects. A bit more about Arthur:

Arthur has worked as a software developer and manager for many years at both startups and Fortune 500 companies. His background includes developing network drivers, protocols, and operating systems. He lives in a small town outside Seattle, Washington with his wife and son. Besides programming, he loves travel, Thai food, and discussing Marvel movies with his son.

By contrast, Jonathan joins as a NetBox power user who has graciously volunteered to help improve and maintain the open source project. From his website:

My personal mission is to make things, fix stuff and help others. I just happened to love working with high tech stuff so it became my area of expertise.

I have over 10 years of experience in telecommunications, server infrastructures and carrier-grade network design & build. Bleeding edge software technologies have become parts of my toolset to create powerful and unique infrastructures. I eat DevOps for breakfast.

Both Arthur and Jonathan have already made substantial contributions to NetBox, and we’re elated to have both of them on our team. If you see them around on the community Slack, be sure to say hi!

NetBox v3.3.1 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.1 is now available on GitHub!


  • #6454 - Include contextual help when creating first objects in UI
  • #9935 - Add 802.11ay and “other” wireless interface types
  • #10031 - Enforce application/json content type for REST API requests
  • #10033 - Disable “add termination” button for point-to-point L2VPNs with two terminations
  • #10037 - Add “child interface” option to actions dropdown in interfaces list
  • #10038 - Add “L2VPN termination” option to actions dropdown in interfaces list
  • #10039 - Add “assign FHRP group” option to actions dropdown in interfaces list
  • #10061 - Replicate type when cloning L2VPN instances
  • #10066 - Use fixed column widths for custom field values in UI
  • #10133 - Enable nullifying device location during bulk edit

Bug Fixes

  • #9663 - Omit available IP annotations when filtering prefix child IPs list
  • #10040 - Fix exception when ordering prefixes by flat representation
  • #10053 - Custom fields header should not be displayed when editing circuit terminations with no custom fields
  • #10055 - Fix extraneous NAT indicator by device primary IP
  • #10057 - Fix AttributeError exception when global search results include rack reservations
  • #10059 - Add identifier column to L2VPN table
  • #10070 - Add unique constraint for L2VPN slug
  • #10087 - Correct display of far end in console/power/interface connections tables
  • #10089 - linkify template filter should escape object representation
  • #10094 - Fix 404 when using “create and add another” to add contact assignments
  • #10108 - Linkify inside NAT IPs for primary device IPs in UI
  • #10109 - Fix available prefixes calculation for container prefixes in the global table
  • #10111 - Fix ValueError exception when searching for L2VPN objects
  • #10118 - Fix display of connected LLDP neighbors for devices
  • #10134 - Custom fields data serializer should return a 400 response for invalid data
  • #10135 - Fix SSO support for SAML2 IDPs
  • #10147 - Permit the creation of 0U device types via REST API

NetBox v3.3.0 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.3.0 has just been released on GitHub! Our second 3.x release this year packs a bunch of long-awaited features, including:

  • Multi-object Cable Terminations (#9102)
  • L2VPN Modeling (#8157)
  • PoE Interface Attributes (#1099)
  • Half-Height Rack Units (#51)
  • Restrict API Tokens by Client IP (#8233)
  • Reference User in Permission Constraints (#9074)
  • Custom Field Grouping (#8495)
  • Toggle Custom Field Visibility (#9166)

Check out the version 3.3 release notes for a complete accounting before upgrading.

Also of note, the project documentation has been completed overhauled for this release, and now includes an in-depth features overview, a handy “getting started” guide, and detailed data model documentation. Check it out now on ReadTheDocs!

And as always, a huge thank you to our community members who helped test out the beta releases. Your suggestions and bug reports have helped immensely as NetBox continues to grow and expand its feature set.

Now, onward to version 3.4!

NetBox v3.2.9 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.9 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8595 - Add PON interface types
  • #8723 - Enable bulk renaming of devices
  • #9161 - Pretty print JSON custom field data when editing
  • #9505 - Display extra addressing details for IPv4 prefixes
  • #9625 - Add phone & email details to contacts panel
  • #9857 - Add clear button to quick search fields
  • #9933 - Add DOCSIS interface type

Bug Fixes

  • #9491 - Remove button for adding inventory item templates to module type components
  • #9979 - Fix Markdown rendering for custom fields in table columns
  • #9986 - Workaround for upstream timezone data bug

NetBox v3.2.8 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.8 is now available on GitHub!


  • #9062 - Add/edit {module} substitution to help text for component template name
  • #9637 - Add site group field to rack reservation form
  • #9762 - Add nat_outside column to the IPAddress table
  • #9825 - Add contacts column to virtual machines table
  • #9881 - Increase granularity in utilization graph values
  • #9882 - Add manufacturer column to modules table
  • #9883 - Linkify location column in power panels table
  • #9906 - Include color attribute in front & rear port YAML import/export

Bug Fixes

  • #9827 - Fix assignment of module bay position during bulk creation
  • #9871 - Fix utilization graph value alignments
  • #9884 - Prevent querying assigned VRF on prefix object init
  • #9885 - Fix child prefix counts when editing/deleting aggregates in bulk
  • #9891 - Ensure consistent ordering for tags during object serialization
  • #9919 - Fix potential XSS avenue via linked objects in tables
  • #9948 - Fix TypeError exception when requesting API tokens list as non-authenticated user
  • #9949 - Fix KeyError exception resulting from invalid API token provisioning request
  • #9950 - Prevent redirection to arbitrary URLs via next parameter on login URL
  • #9952 - Prevent InvalidMove when attempting to assign a nested child object as parent

NetBox v3.3-beta2 Released

less than 1 minute read

The second beta release for NetBox v3.3 is now available! Check out the release notes for a list of changes from the first beta release, and everything new coming in v3.3.

As with every beta release, this is not suitable for production use. It is intended for evaluation and testing only. (We hope to have the final v3.3.0 release ready in a couple weeks.)

You’re also welcome to try our public demo instance, which gets rebuilt nightly from the project’s feature branch. Let us know what you think!

July Community Call

less than 1 minute read

The recording of our July community call is now available on YouTube! I briefly cover the upcoming v3.3 release and answer some questions from the community.

NetBox v3.2.7 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.7 is now available on GitHub!


  • #9705 - Support filter expressions for the serial field on racks, devices, and inventory items
  • #9741 - Check for UserConfig instance during user login
  • #9745 - Add wireless LANs and links to global search

Bug Fixes

  • #9437 - Standardize form submission buttons and behavior when using enter key
  • #9499 - Fix filtered bulk deletion of VM Interfaces
  • #9634 - Fix image URLs in rack elevations when using external storage
  • #9715 - Fix SOCIAL_AUTH_PIPELINE config parameter not taking effect
  • #9754 - Fix regression introduced by #9632
  • #9746 - Permit filtering interfaces by arbitrary speed value in UI
  • #9749 - Retain original slug values when modifying object names
  • #9775 - Fix exception when viewing a report with no description

NetBox v3.3-beta1 Released

less than 1 minute read

The first beta release for NetBox v3.3 is now available! Version 3.3 introduces some major new features and functionality, including:

  • Multi-object cable terminations (#9102)
  • L2VPN modeling (#8157)
  • PoE interface attributes (#1099)
  • Half-height rack units (#51)
  • Restricting API tokens by client IP (#8233)
  • Referencing the current user in permission constraints (#9074)
  • Custom field grouping (#8495)
  • Toggling custom field visibility (#9166)

…and lots more! Check out the beta release notes for a complete list of improvements.

Bear in mind that, being a beta release, this is not yet suitable for production use. However, you are more than welcome to help us test it for final release. We even have a public demo instance available at Your feedback during this evaluation period will help to ensure a smooth final release for version 3.3, which we expect to make available in mid-August.

Let us know what you think!

NetBox v3.2.6 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.6 is now available on GitHub!


  • #7702 - Enable dynamic configuration for default powerfeed attributes
  • #9396 - Allow filtering modules by bay ID
  • #9403 - Enable modifying virtual chassis properties when creating/editing a device
  • #9540 - Add filters for assigned device & VM to IP addresses list
  • #9686 - Add tenant group column for all object tables with tenant assignments

Bug Fixes

  • #8854 - Fix REMOTE_AUTH_DEFAULT_GROUPS for social-auth backends
  • #9575 - Fix AttributeError exception for FHRP group with an IP address assigned
  • #9597 - Include installed_module in module bay REST API serializer
  • #9632 - Automatically focus on search box when expanding dropdowns
  • #9657 - Fix filtering for custom fields and webhooks in the UI
  • #9682 - Fix bulk assignment of ASNs to sites
  • #9687 - Don’t restrict custom text field lengths when entering via UI form
  • #9704 - Include last_updated field on JournalEntry REST API serializer

NetBox v3.2.5 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.5 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8704 - Shift-click to select multiple objects in a list
  • #8882 - Support filtering IP addresses by multiple parent prefixes
  • #8893 - Include count of IP ranges under tenant view
  • #9417 - Initialize manufacturer selection when inserting a new module
  • #9501 - Add support for custom Jinja2 filters
  • #9517 - Linkify related power port on power outlet view
  • #9525 - Provide one-click edit link for objects in tables
  • #9533 - Move Markdown reference to local documentation
  • #9534 - Add VLAN group selector to interface bulk edit forms
  • #9556 - Leave dropdown open upon selection for multi-select fields

Bug Fixes

  • #8944 - Fix rendering of Markdown links with colons
  • #9108 - Fix rendering of bracketed Markdown links
  • #9374 - Improve performance when retrieving devices/VMs with config context data
  • #9466 - Avoid sending webhooks after script/report failure
  • #9480 - Fix sorting services & service templates by port numbers
  • #9484 - Include services listening on “all IPs” under IP address view
  • #9486 - Fix redirect URL when adding device components from the module view
  • #9495 - Correct link to contacts in contact groups table column
  • #9503 - Hyperlinks in rack elevation SVGs must always use absolute URLs
  • #9512 - Fix duplicate site results when searching by ASN
  • #9524 - Correct order of VLAN fields under VM interface creation form
  • #9537 - Ensure consistent use of placeholder tag throughout UI
  • #9549 - Fix device counts for rack list under rack role view

June Community Call

less than 1 minute read

Our June community call will be held on Thursday, June 23rd at 4pm UTC (11am EDT), and will be live-streamed on YouTube. We will be presenting updates on the latest NetBox developments and answering questions from the chat.

If you’d like to pre-submit a question, you can do so using this form.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

NetBox v3.2.4 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.4 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8374 - Display device type and asset tag if name is blank but asset tag is populated
  • #8922 - Add service list to IP address view
  • #9098 - Add “other” types for power ports/outlets, pass-through ports
  • #9239 - Enable filtering by contact group for all models which support contact assignment
  • #9277 - Introduce CSRF_COOKIE_NAME configuration parameter
  • #9347 - Include services in global search
  • #9379 - Redirect to virtual chassis view after adding a member device
  • #9451 - Add export_raw argument for TemplateColumn

Bug Fixes

  • #9094 - Fix partial address search within Prefix and Aggregate filters
  • #9291 - Improve data validation for MultiObjectVar script fields
  • #9358 - Annotate circuit count for providers list under ASN view
  • #9387 - Ensure ActionsColumn extra_buttons are always displayed
  • #9402 - Fix custom field population when creating a virtual chassis
  • #9407 - Clean up display of prefixes values when exporting prefixes list
  • #9420 - Fix custom script class inheritance
  • #9425 - Fix bulk import for object and multi-object custom fields
  • #9430 - Fix passing of initial form data for DynamicModelChoiceFields

Announcing the NetBox Advocates Program

1 minute read

Are you a NetBox power user? Maybe you’ve even built a plugin or custom script? Would you like to be more involved in feature development and roadmap planning for NetBox? To better enable community members like you to have a direct impact on NetBox’s development, today we’re launching the NetBox Advocates Program!

What does it mean to be a NetBox advocate?

  • We’ll occasionally reach out (via email) for feedback on specific new or planned NetBox features. For example, we may ask for feedback on the plugins development experience, or which of several potential new features you’d prefer to see first. This feedback will help guide NetBox’s long-term development.

  • You may be offered access to pre-release instances of NetBox or other tools for evaluation and feedback.

  • You’ll be able to leverage our community Sentry service for error reporting and correlation. We’ll proactively reach out to advocates who opt to enable this service regarding any new errors we detect. We may ask if you can assist with reproducing the error to help develop a fix, or point you to a potential fix.

  • Your organization’s logo will optionally be published in our list of advocates.

And this is just the beginning! We fully expect the importance of the advocates program to grow as the NetBox ecosystem continues to expand.

Register here to get started!

NetBox v3.2.3 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.3 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8805 - Add “mixed” option for device airflow indication
  • #8894 - Include full names when listing users
  • #8998 - Enable filtering racks & reservations by site group
  • #9122 - Introduce clearcache management command & clear cache during upgrade
  • #9221 - Add definition list support for Markdown
  • #9260 - Apply user preferences to tables under object detail views
  • #9278 - Linkify device types count under manufacturers list
  • #9280 - Allow adopting existing components when installing a module
  • #9314 - Add device and VM filters for FHRP group assignments
  • #9340 - Introduce support for error reporting via Sentry
  • #9343 - Add Ubiquiti SmartPower power outlet type

Bug Fixes

  • #9190 - Prevent exception when attempting to instantiate module components which already exist on the parent device
  • #9267 - Remove invalid entry in IP address role choices
  • #9296 - Improve Markdown link sanitization
  • #9306 - Include VC master interfaces when selecting a LAG/bridge for a VC member interface
  • #9311 - Permit creating contact assignment without a priority via the REST API
  • #9313 - Remove HTML code from CSV output of many-to-many relationships
  • #9330 - Add missing module_type field to REST API serializers for modular device component templates

NetBox v3.2.2 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.2 is now available on GitHub!


  • #9060 - Add device type filters for device bays, module bays, and inventory items
  • #9152 - Annotate related object type under custom field view
  • #9192 - Add Ubiquiti SmartPower connector type
  • #9214 - Linkify cluster counts in cluster type & group tables

Bug Fixes

  • #4264 - Treat 0th IP as unusable for IPv6 prefixes (excluding /127s)
  • #8941 - Fix dynamic dropdown behavior when browser is zoomed
  • #8959 - Prevent exception when refreshing scripts list (avoid race condition)
  • #9132 - Limit location options by selected site when creating a wireless link
  • #9133 - Upgrade script should require Python 3.8 or later
  • #9138 - Avoid inadvertent form submission when utilizing quick search field on object lists
  • #9151 - Child prefix counts not annotated on aggregates list under RIR view
  • #9156 - Fix loading UserConfig data from fixtures
  • #9158 - Do not list tags field for CSV forms which do not support tag assignment
  • #9194 - Support position assignment when add module bays to multiple devices
  • #9206 - Show header for comments field under module & module type creation views
  • #9222 - Fix circuit ID display under cable view
  • #9227 - Fix related object assignment when recording change record for interfaces

NS1 is Hiring a NetBox Developer

1 minute read

NS1 is hiring a software to help develop our commercial NetBox Cloud product as well as the open source NetBox project. This candidate will work alongside myself and the rest of our NetBox team here at NS1, and will routinely engage with the NetBox maintainers and community. From the posting:

You will:

  • Help lead the development of NetBox Cloud’s roadmap.
  • Engage in product and roadmap planning discussions.
  • Contribute to documentation and supporting tooling for both the NetBox community and NS1’s NetBox offerings.
  • Work closely with NS1’s NetBox-focused SREs.
  • Support the open source NetBox project and assist in delivering its roadmap.
  • Seek new ways to deliver the best possible user experience for NetBox users.
  • Become an active member of the NetBox open source community.

Ideally, you’ll bring:

  • Proficiency in full stack Python development with a particular focus on development for web applications using Django
  • Solid experience with RESTful APIs and JSON
  • Experience in enterprise network architecture and operations
  • Prior engagement with NetBox as a user, operator, or open source contributor
  • Familiarity with software development best practices, including revision control and documentation
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and comfort engaging with prospective and current customers to collaborate and solve problems
  • Ability to perform well as part of a distributed team
  • Extra kudos for familiarity with:
    • Experience coaching junior software engineers
    • Open source software and engagement with open source development practices
    • Core network engineering concepts
    • One or more commercial DDI solutions
    • TypeScript development experience
    • Ansible, Salt, or similar configuration management software
    • Tools in the modern DevOps toolkit
    • Cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure)

This position is available for full-time remote work, to candidates in the US, UK, and Ireland. You can learn more about this role and apply on NS1’s careers site.

Cisco Live: Next-Level Automation Using Sources of Truth

less than 1 minute read

This year’s Cisco Live conference in Las Vegas boasts a DevNet session titled “Next-Level Automation Using Sources of Truth,” which features NetBox! From the session catalog:

You’ve taken the leap and started automating your network – but it’s time to move past writing single-use scripts that have hardcoded values in them. Are you still storing your credentials in a file or passing them via environment variables? Is the inventory of devices stored in a YAML file? If so, it’s time to embrace Sources of Truth! In this session, participants will use REST APIs to securely store and access secrets using HashiCorp Vault and then manage network device inventory using NetBox. Once the sources of truth are configured, we will use this data to configure a network topology. Move away from text files and take your automation skills to the next level!

The 45-minute session (dubbed DEVWKS-2295) will be presented by Palmer Sample and Juulia Santala, and has an “intermediate” technical level rating. Sounds like fun!

NetBox v3.2.1 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.1 is now available on GitHub!


  • #5479 - Allow custom job timeouts for scripts & reports
  • #8543 - Improve filtering for wireless LAN VLAN selection
  • #8920 - Limit number of non-racked devices displayed
  • #8956 - Retain old script/report results for configured lifetime
  • #8973 - Display VLAN group count under site view
  • #9081 - Add fhrpgroup_id filter for IP addresses
  • #9099 - Enable display of installed module serial & asset tag in module bays list
  • #9110 - Add Neutrik proprietary power connectors
  • #9123 - Improve appearance of SSO login providers

Bug Fixes

  • #8931 - Copy assigned tenant when cloning a location
  • #9055 - Restore ability to move inventory item to other device
  • #9057 - Fix missing instance counts for module types
  • #9061 - Fix general search for device components
  • #9065 - Min/max VID should not be required when filtering VLAN groups
  • #9079 - Fail validation when an inventory item is assigned as its own parent
  • #9096 - Remove duplicate filter tag when filtering by “none”
  • #9100 - Include position field in module type YAML export
  • #9116 - assigned_to_interface filter for IP addresses should not match FHRP group assignments
  • #9118 - Fix validation error when importing VM child interfaces
  • #9128 - Resolve component labels per module bay position when installing modules

NetBox v3.2.0 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.2.0 is now available on GitHub! This is a huge release representing several months of intense development effort. Major new features include:

  • Plugins Framework Extensions (#8333)
  • Modules & Module Types (#7844)
  • Custom Object Fields (#7006)
  • Custom Status Choices (#8054)
  • Improved User Preferences (#7759)
  • Inventory Item Roles (#3087)
  • Inventory Item Templates (#8118)
  • Service Templates (#1591)
  • Automatic Provisioning of Next Available VLANs (#2658)

There’s a ton more still to cover, so be sure to read through the full v3.2 release notes before upgrading. And if you haven’t already, check out our migration scripts to help replicate data out of the legacy ASN and contact fields on the site model.

And if you’re interested in leveraging the newly improved plugins framework, be sure to follow the plugins development tutorial for a step-by-step introduction to the development process. You’ll be up and running with your own custom plugins in no time!

2022 NetBox Community Survey Results

less than 1 minute read

We had an amazing turnout for this year’s NetBox community survey, with 487 total responses. Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to participate! The data generated will help inform our roadmap for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

A detailed analysis of the results has been posted over on GitHub, so check it out if you’d like to learn more about the organizations that use NetBox and what they want to see.

NetBox v3.1.10 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.10 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8232 - Use a different color for 100% utilization bars
  • #8457 - Enable adding non-racked devices from site & location views
  • #8553 - Add missing object types to global search form
  • #8575 - Add rack columns to cables list
  • #8645 - Enable filtering objects by assigned contacts & contact roles
  • #8926 - Add device type, role columns to device bay table

Bug Fixes

  • #8696 - Fix help link under FHRP group assignment creation view
  • #8813 - Retain global search bar query after submitting
  • #8820 - Fix navbar background color in dark mode
  • #8850 - Show airflow field on device REST API serializer when config context data is included
  • #8905 - Disable ordering by assigned tags to prevent erroneous results
  • #8919 - Fix filtering of VLAN groups by site under prefix edit form
  • #8924 - Improve load time of custom script list
  • #8932 - Fix error when setting null value for interface rf_role via REST API
  • #8935 - Correct ordering of next/previous racks to use naturalized names
  • #8947 - Retain filter parameters when handling an export template exception
  • #8951 - Allow changing device type & platform to different manufacturer simultaneously
  • #8952 - Device images in rear rack elevations should be hyperlinked

March Community Call

less than 1 minute read

The recording of our March community call is now available on YouTube! This month’s call features Dinesh Dutt, co-founder of SuzieQ. SuzieQ is a powerful open source tool which enables network engineers to inspect and query the live network, compare it to a designated source of truth, and alert on changes. Dinesh discusses how you can integrate SuzieQ directly with your existing NetBox deployment to get up and running in no time!

NetBox Plugin Development Tutorial

less than 1 minute read

There is now a complete plugin development tutorial for NetBox v3.2! This detailed guide walks through the entire process of creating a custom plugin for managing simple access lists in NetBox.

The guide is arranged into ten consecutive sections, each of which focuses on a major component of NetBox’s plugins framework. It also includes a companion repo which contains a snapshot of the completed code at each step. This allows readers to easily pick up from any step and focus on a particular subject.

Although NetBox v3.2.0 is still a couple weeks away (scheduled for release the week of Aptril 4th), we don’t anticipate any more major changes to the new plugins framework. You can get started with plugin development right now using the most recent beta release!. The guide will be updated over time as future NetBox releases continue to expand the plugins framework.

10K GitHub Stars!

1 minute read

Wow. Over the weekend, NetBox officially surpassed 10 thousand stars on GitHub! This was not something I ever anticipated when DigitalOcean agreed to release NetBox as open source back in 2016, but it demonstrates just how much impact a project can have when it finds the right community and solves the right problems.

Admittedly, GitHub stars aren’t a terribly meaningful metric: Someone can star a repo but not necessarily use it, and vice versa. But as an open source project without any more tangible means to track effective deployments or customers, it’s one of the few objective metrics we have by which to evaluate the project’s growth. And it does provide a reasonable bellwether indicating how NetBox stacks up against similar projects.

So where does that put NetBox? Amazingly, we’re currently ranked #241 of all Python projects on GitHub, and we’re in the #1 spot for both the ipam and dcim topics by a wide margin. Not bad for a project that was released less than six years ago.

I recently started using Orbit (an excellent tool!) to track community engagement through both GitHub and Slack. Orbit has been a boon in helping to highlight newly engaged users and draw attention to some of our most active contributors. It also provides rich statistics that complement what little data we can get from GitHub.

Orbit: GitHub star growth since release

As you can see, NetBox’s growth has remained fairly constant since a few months after its initial release, even trending upward a bit since being sponsored by NS1 last year.

So what’s next for NetBox? Well, v3.2 is right around the corner, bringing a greatly enhanced plugins framework, device modules, additional customization options, and lots more - and that’s just the first of three major releases planned this year! At the same time, we’re continuing to grow NetBox Cloud at NS1 both in size and feature set. I expect 2022 to be our busiest year yet with NetBox, by far.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who uses NetBox today. Your contributions, feedback, and support have made the project what it is today, and continue to power its success.

Now, on to 20,000 stars!

NetBox v3.2 Beta2 Now Available

less than 1 minute read

The second beta release of NetBox v3.2 is now available! This release fixes several bugs found in the first beta, and continues extending and refining the plugins framework. You can install it locally, or try out our public demo at! (If you happen to run into any problems while testing the beta release, please be sure to open a GitHub issue to let us know.)

We’re making excellent progress toward the final v3.2.0 release, which is planned for the week of April 4th. Stay tuned!

NetBox v3.1.9 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.9 is now available on GitHub!


  • #8594 - Enable filtering by exact description match for all applicable models
  • #8629 - Add description to tag table search function
  • #8664 - Show assigned ASNs/sites under list views
  • #8736 - Add PC and UPC fiber end faces for LC/SC/LSH port types
  • #8758 - Allow empty string substitution when renaming objects in bulk
  • #8762 - Link to rack elevations list from site view
  • #8766 - Add SCTP to service protocols list

Bug Fixes

  • #8546 - Fix bulk import to restrict bridge, parent, and LAG to device interfaces
  • #8633 - Prevent navigation sidebar pin from disappearing at certain breakpoints
  • #8674 - Fix rendering of tabbed content in documentation
  • #8710 - Fix dynamic scope selection form fields when creating a VLAN group
  • #8713 - Restore missing “add” button on services list view
  • #8715 - Avoid returning multiple objects when restricting querysets using multiple tags in permissions
  • #8717 - Fix redirection after bulk edit/delete of prefixes from aggregate view
  • #8724 - Fix exception during device import with invalid device type
  • #8807 - Correct REST API URL for FHRP group assignments
  • #8808 - Fix members count under FHRP group list

2022 NetBox Community Survey

less than 1 minute read

Our 2022 NetBox community survey is now open! This annual questionnaire solicits feedback and demographic data from NetBox users around the world, which the maintainers use to shape the project’s long-term development.

The survey will be open throughout March, and the results will be published in early April. Please take a few minutes to share your experience with NetBox!

NetBox v3.2 Beta1 Now Available

less than 1 minute read

The first beta release of NetBox v3.2 is now available! This release debuts a ton of exciting new features, including:

  • Device modules & module types
  • Object and multi-object custom fields
  • Customizable status choices
  • Improved user preferences
  • Inventory item roles & templates
  • Service templates
  • Automatic provisioning of available VLANs

This release also greatly extends NetBox’s plugins framework, introducing formal support for myriad model, view, form, table, and other components. These will greatly simplify the process of plugin development and minimize the duplication of boilerplate code in plugins. You can find a complete accounting of the new plugins framework in the beta documentation.

As with previous beta releases, we’ve spun up a public demo instance at for the community to help evaluate the new features and submit any bug reports or suggestions. Of course, you’re also encouraged to download and deploy the beta release locally, especially if you’d like to experiment with the new plugins framework.

The final release of v3.2.0 is scheduled for early April, so now is the time to try it out and let us know what you think!

NetBox v3.1.8 Released

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.8 is now available on GitHub!


  • #7150 - Linkify devices on the far side of a rack elevation
  • #8398 - Embiggen configuration form fields for banner message content
  • #8556 - Add full username column to changelog table
  • #8620 - Enable tab completion for nbshell

Bug Fixes

  • #8331 - Implement replaceAll string utility function to improve browser compatibility
  • #8391 - Null date columns should return empty strings during CSV export
  • #8548 - Fix display of VC members when position is zero
  • #8561 - Include option to connect a rear port to a console port
  • #8564 - Fix errant table configuration key available_columns
  • #8577 - Show contact assignment counts in global search results
  • #8578 - Object change log tables should honor user’s configured preferences
  • #8604 - Fix tag filter on config context list filter form
  • #8609 - Display validation error when attempting to assign VLANs to interface with no mode during bulk edit
  • #8611 - Fix bulk editing for certain custom link, webhook, and journal entry fields

February Community Call

less than 1 minute read

Our next community call will be held on February 24th at 5pm UTC! We’ll be spending half an hour covering the v3.2 beta release, recent improvements to the plugins framework (#8333), and a variety of other topics. Please join us!

Don’t forget to bookmark the upcoming live stream to make sure you don’t miss it!

NetBox v3.1.7 Released

1 minute read

NetBox v3.1.7 is now available on GitHub!


  • #7504 - Include IP range data under IPAM role views
  • #8275 - Introduce alternative ASDOT-formatted column for ASNs
  • #8367 - Add ASNs to global search function
  • #8368 - Enable controlling the order of custom script form fields with field_order
  • #8381 - Add contacts to global search function
  • #8462 - Linkify manufacturer column in device type table
  • #8476 - Bring the ASN Web UI up to the standard set by other objects
  • #8494 - Include locations count under tenant view
  • #8517 - Render boolean custom fields as icons in object tables
  • #8530 - Indicate CSV or YAML as format for “all data” export

Bug Fixes

  • #8315 - Fix display of NAT link for primary IPv4 address under device view
  • #8377 - Fix calculation of absolute cable lengths when specified in fractional units
  • #8425 - Fix exception when viewing change list/records with removed plugins
  • #8456 - Fix redundant display of VRF RD in prefix view
  • #8465 - Accept empty string values for Interface rf_channel in REST API
  • #8498 - Fix display of selected content type filters in object list views
  • #8499 - Content types REST API endpoint should not require model permission
  • #8512 - Correct file permissions to allow execution of housekeeping script
  • #8527 - Fix display of changelog retention period

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Tips and Tricks

Error Logging with Sentry

1 minute read

One of the challenges that comes with developing open source software is getting reliable and detailed bug reports from users in the wild. Because NetBox is generally self-hosted and has no phone-home function, we don’t have any direct access to deployments other than what we (the maintainers) deploy ourselves. But there’s a new feature in NetBox v3.2.3 that I think can really help us out: Sentry intgeration.

Enabling error reporting via Sentry allows us to collect and analyze exceptions and other errors as they happen, rather than having to wait for bug reports submitted by end users. It won’t capture all bugs, of course, but it will alert us to the more severe issues. Sentry reports include a full stack trace, which is often needed to determine just where a bug exists, but no end user-identifiable information or confidential data.

To enable Sentry integration, simply turn on the SENTRY_ENABLED configuration parameter and restart NetBox:


NetBox will begin generating error reports and sending them to our centralized ingestor. One of the biggest benefits of this community-powered arrangement is that we’ll be able to correlate bugs by software release, operating system, and other deployment attributes.

An example Sentry error report

Of course, it’s possible to use your own Sentry ingestor too: You’ll just need to define your custom DSN:


You can find more detail on Sentry configuration in the NetBox documentation.

Migration Scripts for NetBox v3.2

1 minute read

With NetBox v3.2 due to be released next week, it’s worth taking a moment to evaluate your upgrade readiness. While there aren’t many major breaking changes in this release, there are two items you’ll definitely want to double-check:

  • The contact fields (name, phone, and email) are being removed from the site model
  • The ASN field is being removed from the site model

You may recall that Netbox v3.1 introduced a dedicated “Contact” model, which enables much more efficient and complex contact assignment, and obviates the need for storing contact information directly on individual sites. Likewise, v3.1 also introduced a designated model for autonomous system number (ASN) tracking, rendering the site model’s asn field obsolete.

To help expedite the upgrade process for organizations which still rely on data in any of these fields, we’ve published a set of migration scripts. These can be installed and run in your local NetBox instance to automatically replicate data from the legacy fields into the new models.

Contact migration script in the NetBox UI

As with any such process, it is highly recommended to perform a database backup immediately prior to running these, and to perform a “dry run” (without commiting changes to the database) first as a sanity check. While the behavior of the scripts is likely suitable for most cases, users are also encouraged to modify these if necessary to better fit their exact preferences. For example, you might want to limit the sites being migrated by tag or role. (Be sure to check out NetBox’s custom script documentation too!)

With the relevant data safely migrated to the new models, you’ll be ready for NetBox v3.2!

Okta Authentication with NetBox

less than 1 minute read

NetBox v3.1 introduced support for single-sign on (SSO) authentication when it was released back in December, using the popular python-social-auth library. This has been in high demand for quite some time as it enables NetBox administrators to offload authentication to an external service.

Jason Lavoie has just written an excellent tutorial on enabling Okta authentication for NetBox. He walks through the entire process from start to finish, covering configuration of both Okta and NetBox, even going so far as to include a Terraform configuration for Okta! It’s well worth a read if you’re looking to enable Okta authentication for NetBox.

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Itential Webinar: Integrating NetBox as a Source of Truth for Network Automation

less than 1 minute read

Itential has announced an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, August 30th at 12pm EDT (4pm UTC). Along with our own Jordan Villarreal, Technical Advocate for NetBox at NS1, they’ll showcase integration with the NetBox API and the creation of automated workflows to facilitate the trasnfer of data between NetBox and other systems.

By coupling Data Transformations along with API integration, Itential can help network teams build a bridge that translates data between multiple IT systems, like NetBox and ServiceNow, inside a network automation. These features will enable the network team to spend less time manually accessing data from different applications and reduce the potential of inputting bad data due to human error.

Specfically, they’ll be building a data transformation to synchronize data between NetBox and ServiceNow, a hugely popular topic in the community.

In this demo, you will learn to:

  • Understand the NetBox API structure.
  • Build an Itential automation workflow to utilize NetBox API calls.
  • Automate IP address reservation, queries, and updates.
  • Build a Data Transformation between NetBox and ServiceNow.

Sign up here for the invitation (registration is free). You can also check out their other presentations on BrightTALK to learn more about Itential.

NetBox Live Coding Session #8

less than 1 minute read

I’ll be hosting another NetBox live coding session today at 6pm UTC / 1pm EST. These sessions run about an hour long, during which I try to knock out various feature requests and bug reports from GitHub, sharing my screen and narrating as I go. I also take relevant questions from the chat. This is a great way to get a “behind the scenes” look at NetBox development, and open source development in general.

These sessions are streamed live via YouTube; no registration is required. Please join us! You can watch today’s stream at, and previous recordings are available on my YouTube channel.

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War Stories

How to Move a Datacenter in Two Weeks with NetBox

4 minute read

Please note that all players have been anonymized to protect the guilty. Please also note that I have jumped ship several times during my formal IT education. You might see why.

I had just started my apprenticeship at this company—hardly past the three-month mark—when BigBoss told me I was to assist with the move of the company’s servers. About nine racks’ worth of equipment across the city, minimum downtime… you know the drill. I don’t at this point, but I think figuring out what equipment goes where and how it is connected is a good first step.

My direct superior helpfully points me to a folder on our network labeled “Server Documentation”. I see the file ending. These are Excel files. Uh oh.

A quick check reveals that not even half of our switches are in here. Somebody has attempted to visualise the whole deal by drawing rack outlines with the columns. It’s colourful and pretty, yet not a single cable is part of the documentation. It is a complete and utter mess.

I get back to my superior and he agrees that the situation is hardly ideal. I’m just getting known in the company for my research skills, so I’m tasked to find us software that will allow proper documentation of all racks and interfaces.

An hour later, I have identified the two best candidates. First I present my favourite: NetBox, which I knew from an earlier internship, has all the features we need, is self-hosted, and it’s open source!

“Open source?!” BigBoss laughs at that, “Open source software isn’t suitable for enterprise applications!”

“Okay, then we probably need to go with $EnterpriseSoftware, which is hard to administer and doesn’t have all the features we need, but at least it’s way over budget.”

He looks at the costs.
He looks at the capabilities.
He looks at the costs again.

“Do a presentation for the C-Suite. If you can convince them, I’m fine with it.”

Sure, apprentice, new software, C-Suite, software options that cost more than my salary in a year… no pressure!

In the end, the C-Suite wasn’t hard to convince; also, I love convincing people. They liked that NetBox is an off-the-shelf solution for our exact problem and didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that it was open source.

I would have loved to introduce them to the wonders of automation, in the form of the NetBox API, that would have done a lot of the heavy lifting in documenting the datacenter. But this is an old school kind of company, so the very Idea of automating something you could make apprentices do was frowned upon. Not like we had an approaching deadline or anything.

Next came a roll out in our testing environment, a couple “oohs” and “aahs” from my superiors, and a couple “I told you so”s I kept quietly in my head. They loved the multi-tenant option, allowing us to not only document our own racks, but also the customers’ racks, without any possibility of a mix-up.

I think the documentation is solid enough to be able to direct a helper on location (even if that helper is non-technical staff), enabling shorter turn-arounds for any disruptions occurring at remote sites, in turn saving money, time, and sanity of the employee who doesn’t have to drive out to some village.

Then we had to check every single connection by tugging a bit on the cables, taking care not to disconnect the productive environment, screaming over the racket of racks, and slowly untangling the organically grown infrastructure our predecessors had left us with. All told, we spend about 130 manhours just documenting the racks. Additionally, I spent twenty hours with a label printer, putting the UIDs NetBox had generated on the corresponding cables.

Being able to distinguish the kind, colour, length, transmission rate, and interfaces of every cable inside NetBox saved my life, or at the very least our deadline. If a future version could automate sitting on a server room floor and attaching tiny labels to hundreds of cables, I might just marry that version.

Armed with this shiny new documentation—our first single-point-of-truth—we even managed to plan ahead where to put equipment that was yet to be purchased. If the cabling was any indication, planning ahead was a first.

The fact that NetBox allows us to label devices throughout their lifecycle from “staging” to “decommissioning” brought another round of impressed “oohs” and “aahs” from my superior.

For the outsourced moving company, I printed A3 size posters with front and rear views of the racks they had to assemble. They also got binders with plans where each device had to go. I brought enough for everybody, and a couple more for us, documenting the cabling. NetBox even allows exporting everything to CSV files, which was amazing for setting up these binders.

Otherwise the move went almost flawlessly, and the included stress testing of NetBox was so convincing it’s now part of the portfolio at that company.

Seems like NetBox is indeed suited for enterprise applications.

In summary: NetBox did everything we wanted it to, passed our security audit, and has the potential to do so much more, with options to document IPs, VMs, and entire networks down to the providers.

By the end, my superior acknowledged that the move was pretty much my project more than his, so if a tool can do that for an apprentice three months in, imagine what it can do for you.

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