NetBox v3.6.3 Released

By Jeremy Stretch on Sept. 26, 2023

NetBox v3.6.3 is now available on GitHub!


  • #12732 - Add toggle to hide disconnected interfaces under device view

Bug Fixes

  • #11079 - Enable tracing cable paths across multiple cables in parallel
  • #11901 - Fix IndexError exception when manipulating terminations for existing cables via REST API
  • #13506 - Enable creating a config template which references a data file via the REST API
  • #13666 - Cleanly handle reports without any test methods defined
  • #13839 - Restore original text color for HTML code elements
  • #13843 - Fix assignment of VLAN group scope during bulk edit
  • #13845 - Fix AttributeError exception when attaching front/rear images to a device type
  • #13849 - Fix KeyError exception when deleting an object which references a configured choice value that has been removed
  • #13859 - Fix invalid response when searching for custom choice field values returns no matches
  • #13864 - Correct default background color for dashboard widget headers
  • #13871 - Fix rack filtering for empty location during device bulk import
  • #13891 - Allow designating an IP address as primary for device/VM while assigning it to an interface

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