Category: "Tips and Tricks"

New Repo for Awesome NetBox Resources
Fellow maintainer Arthur Hanson has curated and published a very thorough list of awesome NetBox resources, aptly named awesome-netbox. While we've previously maintained a subset of this list on the NetBox wiki, moving it to a dedicated repo should..

Error Logging with Sentry
One of the challenges that comes with developing open source software is getting reliable and detailed bug reports from users in the wild. Because NetBox is generally self-hosted and has no phone-home function, we don't have any direct access to de..

Migration Scripts for NetBox v3.2
With NetBox v3.2 due to be released next week, it's worth taking a moment to evaluate your upgrade readiness. While there aren't many major breaking changes in this release, there are two items you'll definitely want to double-check:

Okta Authentication with NetBox
NetBox v3.1 introduced support for single-sign on (SSO) authentication when it was released back in December, using the popular python-social-auth library. This has been in high demand for quite some time as it enables NetBox administrators to offl..