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NetDevOps Days 2023 - Agenda announced, sponsors finalized and very few tickets remaining!
22 days ago (that’s Earth days) we announced NetDevOps Days London with no sponsors, no venue, no date and no speakers. It looks like we're going to sell out soon!

NetDevOps Days 2023 London - Big updates and Early Bird Tickets Now Live!
As momentum for NetDevOps Days 2023 London builds at breakneck speed, we're thrilled to bring you some exciting updates!

Announcing NetDevOps Days 2023
Network automation is hotter than ever, but to date there haven't been any real practitioner focused events to bring the community together.

Itential Webinar: Integrating NetBox as a Source of Truth for Network Automation
Itential has announced an upcoming webinar on Tuesday, August 30th at 12pm EDT (4pm UTC). Along with our own Jordan Villarreal, Technical Advocate for NetBox at NS1, they'll showcase integration with the NetBox API and the creation of automated wor..

NetBox Live Coding Session #8
I'll be hosting another NetBox live coding session today at 6pm UTC / 1pm EST. These sessions run about an hour long, during which I try to knock out various feature requests and bug reports from GitHub, sharing my screen and narrating as I go. I a..