Announcing NetDevOps Days 2023

By Mark Coleman on May 23, 2023

Network automation is hotter than ever, but to date there haven't been any real practitioner focused events to bring the community together. We've been listening, and with the help of the NetBox community and the broader network automation ecosystem, we're going to make it happen. NetDevOps Days is the event for network automation practitioners!

NetDevOps Days London will take place in the week of June 26, 2023, and the final date will be confirmed shortly.

We will begin this movement with a one-day, one-track event designed to unite the network automation community for meaningful learning, collaboration, and fun. NetDevOps Days is committed to fostering genuine conversations and amplifying the voice of the practitioner community. After the inaugural event in London, we will host a second event in NYC in late 2023. Each event will feature a mix of talks, breakout sessions, hackathons, and socializing, all directed by the community with curation from the organizers.

At NetDevOps Days, the community takes center stage. There will be no vendor pitches, tables, or selling. Instead, participants will find a practitioner-led event with a "Big Tent" vendor neutral philosophy, where all voices are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding network automation. Automation is quickly becoming central to the strategies of most networking teams, and the ecosystem of open source and vendor technologies is exploding at the same time practitioners are faced with pressures to lean into automation, change the culture of their teams, and do more with less.

Registration for NetDevOps Days London will open in the week of May 22nd, 2023. Express your interest using this link and we’ll get back to you shortly!

The “Big Tent” approach of NetDevOps Days aims to empower network professionals to learn and share from each other openly and authentically engage around the full spectrum of technologies, best practices, and challenges in the network automation ecosystem without the bias of commercially minded events. Attendees can expect a relaxed atmosphere with hoodies instead of suits, and a focus on whiteboards, code, and genuine discussions rather than sale-sy presentations.

Efforts are being made to accommodate under-represented and student attendees in need of registration sponsorship and attendance is strictly limited to 100 people, so move fast!

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