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NetBox is the source of truth for everything on your network, from physical components like power systems and cabling to virtual assets like IP addresses and VLANs. Network automation and monitoring tools draw from this authoritative plan to push out configurations and monitor changes across the enterprise.

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Gain visibility and control across the entire enterprise.

IP Address Management

Efficient management of IP assets across the enterprise, removing the danger from data entry errors.

Customization and Integration

Customize and extend NetBox's functionality to fit your needs.

NetBox v3.6.6 Released

By Jeremy Stretch on Nov. 29, 2023

NetBox v3.6.6 is now available!


  • #13735 - Show complete region hierarchy in UI for all relevant objects

Bug Fixes

  • #14056 - Record a pre-change snapshot when bulk editing objects via CSV
  • #14187 - Raise a validation error when attempting to create a duplicate script or report
  • #14199 - Fix jobs list for reports with a custom name
  • #14239 - Fix CustomFieldChoiceSet search filter
  • #14242 - Enable export templates for contact assignments
  • #14299 - Webhook timestamps should be in proper ISO 8601 format
  • #14325 - Fix numeric ordering of service ports
  • #14339 - Correctly hash local user password when set via REST API
  • #14343 - Fix ordering ASN table by ASDOT column
  • #14346 - Fix running reports via REST API
  • #14349 - Fix custom validation support for remote data sources
  • #14363 - Fix bulk editing of interfaces assigned to VM with no cluster

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