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NetBox is the source of truth for everything on your network, from physical components like power systems and cabling to virtual assets like IP addresses and VLANs. Network automation and monitoring tools draw from this authoritative plan to push out configurations and monitor changes across the enterprise.

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Gain visibility and control across the entire enterprise.

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NetBox v3.7.2 Released

By Jeremy Stretch on Feb. 5, 2024

NetBox v3.7.2 is now available!


  • #13729 - Omit sensitive data source parameters from change log data
  • #14645 - Limit the number of assigned IP addresses displayed under interfaces list

Bug Fixes

  • #14500 - Optimize calculation of available child prefixes & ranges when viewing a prefix
  • #14511 - Fix GraphQL support for interfaces connected to provider networks
  • #14572 - Correct the number of jobs listed for individual report & script modules
  • #14703 - Revert to the default layout when encountering a misconfigured dashboard
  • #14755 - Fix validation of choice values & labels when creating a custom field choice set via the REST API
  • #14838 - Avoid corrupting JSON data when changing the action type while editing an event rule
  • #14839 - Fix form validation error when attempting to terminate a tunnel to a virtual machine interface
  • #14840 - Fix NoReverseMatch exception when rendering a custom field which references a user
  • #14847 - IKE policy mode may be set inly when IKEv1 is selected
  • #14851 - Automatically remove any associated bookmarks when deleting a user
  • #14879 - Include custom fields in REST API representation of data sources
  • #14885 - Add missing "group" field to VPN tunnel creation form
  • #14892 - Fix exception when running report/script via command line due to missing username
  • #14920 - Include button to display available status choices when bulk importing virtual device contexts
  • #14945 - Fix "select all" button for device type components
  • #14947 - Ensure that application & removal of tags is always recorded in an object's change log
  • #14962 - Fix config context rendering for VMs assigned directly to a site (rather than via a cluster)
  • #14999 - Fix "create & add another" link for interface FHRP group assignment
  • #15015 - Pre-populate assigned tenant when allocating next available IP address under prefix view
  • #15020 - Automatically update all VMs when changing a cluster's assigned site
  • #15025 - The can_add() template filter should accept a model (not an instance)

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