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NetBox is the source of truth for everything on your network, from physical components like power systems and cabling to virtual assets like IP addresses and VLANs. Network automation and monitoring tools draw from this authoritative plan to push out configurations and monitor changes across the enterprise.

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Gain visibility and control across the entire enterprise.

IP Address Management

Efficient management of IP assets across the enterprise, removing the danger from data entry errors.

Customization and Integration

Customize and extend NetBox's functionality to fit your needs.

NetBox v3.5.3 Released

By Jeremy Stretch on June 2, 2023

NetBox v3.5.3 is now available on GitHub!


  • #9876 - Improve support for matching tags in conditional rules
  • #12015 - Add device type & role filters for device components
  • #12470 - Collapse context data by default when viewing a rendered device configuration
  • #12562 - Record client IP address when logging authentication failures
  • #12597 - Add an option to hide custom fields only if unset
  • #12599 - Apply filter parameters to links in object count dashboard widgets

Bug Fixes

  • #7503 - Improve rack space validation when creating multiple devices via REST API
  • #11539 - Fix exception when applying "empty" filter lookup with invalid value
  • #11934 - Prevent reassignment of an IP address designated as primary for its parent object
  • #12538 - Redirect user to originating view after editing/deleting an image attachment
  • #12627 - Restore hover preview for embedded image attachment tables
  • #12694 - Strip leading & trailing whitespace from custom link URL & text
  • #12702 - Fix sizing of rear port selection widget on front port template creation form
  • #12715 - Use contact assignments table to display the contacts assigned to an object
  • #12730 - Fix extraneous contacts listed in object contact assignments view
  • #12742 - Object counts dashboard widget should support URL-compatible query filters
  • #12762 - Fix GraphiQL UI by reverting graphene-django to earlier version
  • #12745 - Escape display text in API-backed selection widgets
  • #12779 - Correct arithmetic for converting inches to meters

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